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Reviewed by Margaret Gray

Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile

by Faye Cossar

ISBN: 978-1-903353-20-2 Flare Publications in conjunction with
The London School of Astrology.

In her first book astrologer, teacher and founder of the Amsterdam School of Astrology, Faye Cossar, has combined her extensive business and career advisory experience with her astrological skills. The result is an innovative practical and creative book presenting a skillful model of Vocational Astrology which is based on a framework initially created by Career Advisors. This very efficient and effective approach starts with a ‘non-astrological model – the vocational profile’ based on  ‘the idea of defining vocation and putting the client at the centre’ rather than starting with the chart.  One of many advantages, according to the author, is that it can offer clients ‘a concrete and tangible product’.

The model is based on three core questions: ‘Who am I, What can I do, What do I want’ with the content of the book clearly addressing how to work with each question. In chapter 2 Faye helpfully outlines ways in which the material can be most easily used for different vocational issues raised by clients depending on their specific needs at the time.

Starting with an astrological interpretation of the clients biography, the author deftly  guides us through the subheadings under each of the three core questions skillfully creating a vocational profile that most suits the core self of each client. This for example, includes pertinent questions to ask clients to support them in fully inhabiting the essence of different aspects of their chart. Although multiple famous people are mentioned, Faye focuses throughout the book on an individual client case study which really helps to bring the material alive. A particularly useful section is the one on clarifying/defining blocks making it clear that the task at hand for us as astrologers is to define the blocks and not to work with them. As well as offering us an excellent model which is immediately and easily applicable, this book offers some helpful practical reminders including that the client is the expert on their own vocation and that is often more productive for them if we encourage them to engage more with the tasks at hand rather than doing the work for them. We are also reminded that many clients would often like more than one session with us if they knew that this was available and what it would entail.

This excellent book is ideal for astrologers at all levels of learning who are interested in applying astrological skills to the task of assisting clients to discover and enhance their vocation for the purpose of feeling fulfilled and living a life that is true to who they are.




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