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Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile: Finding the Right Career Direction 

by Faye Cossar 



For several years Faye Cossar has run training courses on career issues for astrologers. The aim was to put their basic astrology training to good use to help their clients find their true calling and assist them with all manner of career questions.


Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile is the result of years of using a framework borrowed from the career advisors’ world. In her experience working with career counselors, the author discovered one important point: when you are dealing with questions relating to work, jobs, vocation – whatever you want to call it – you MUST get the client involved. Dialogue is therefore very important in this process, and the author highlights the need for astrologers to ask questions.


Cossar’s book shows you how to use astrology to obtain a tangible result – a Vocational Profile – for your client. Rather than starting with the chart, it puts the client’s questions centre-stage. It offers a way of structuring the career counseling process and involving the client by asking specific questions and assigning tasks for them to complete.


The book helps astrologers to use a practical career-counseling model with the birth chart, and to create an indispensable and authentic Vocational Profile for use with clients (and yourself, too). It contains many examples, natal interpretations, and practical exercises that help to: Build a C.V. and design a website and logo that reflect the person within, identify talents, motivations, blocks and personal style, and to define tangible goals and awaken life purpose and passion.


There is also an on-line apprenticeship based on the book – see  for details.


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