Contents of Vocational Astrology: Finding the Right Career Direction

Foreword by Sue Tompkins


Chapter 1             Why this book?
Chapter 2             How to use this book
Chapter 3             The start: using the biography

Who Am I?

Chapter 4             Finding vocation and motivation: The Sun
Chapter 5             Recognizing style and drive : Mars, the elements
Chapter 6             Expressing an authentic image : The Sun, Ascendant and MC

What can I do?

Chapter 7              Discovering talent; ways to make money: Venus, the 2nd House, Quintiles
Chapter 8              Defining communication skills: Mercury, the 3rd House
Chapter 9              What can’t I do? Clarifying blocks: Saturn, Chiron, the 12th House

What do I want?

Chapter 10             Determining goals: The MC
Chapter 11             Defining norms and values: Venus, Jupiter
Chapter 12             Finding the ideal environment: The Moon, the Sun, Venus, Ceres

Now what?

Chapter 13             The result: The Vocational Profile
Chapter 14             What next? : Using the Vocational Profile

Final Thought

Chapter 15             Age matters


Appendix 1                         Summary of planets in Vocational Profile and their effects

Appendix 2                         Birth data

Appendix 3                         Bibliography, useful books and other resources

Appendix 4                         About Faye


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